Who in the world is Ryan, anyways?

Hey there, this is my story page where I talk all about me! LOL, you’re in for a ride! I grew up in a the sticks and ran around the farm and forests during my childhood days, I ran amuck throughout the town but fear not, I wasn’t a nuisance! I’ve always been a go getter, wanting to better myself and striving to get the most out of life. I can’t sit still for too long, therefore, I’m always on the go. The woods bring me peace and is my church. I’m a spontaneous gent, who likes to keep it classy with an extra side of weirdness for entertaining purposes. My high energy and dashing good looks help me navigate through life in an uplifting positive note and my idea of a good time is being spent with family and creating new traditions. (My party days are over!..And I’m happy about it!) If you can relate, then follow me along on this journey of life’s ups downs and every day conundrums! I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeves!