Man’s work

I’m a man’s man through and through, a bit of a rough neck, beer drinking, back woods kind of guy. I like my wilderness desolate, my trucks big and my tools of plenty. I’m a contractor by trade, I’ve built homes, worked on roof’s, landscaped yards, poured concrete and the like. I like to build things and get my hand dirty. My dirty nails tell the tale of my long days of creating and certainly keep my mind and body healthy with all the run around.

I don’t like sissy work, now you can leave that to your own imagination of how you want to interpret that as I don’t want to offend any of you hard workers out there, but I always choose to work for myself rather than by the rules of another man. It’s my way or the highway partner. if you don’t like it, get it moving.

I recently had the project of helping ol’ Aunt betty (that’s what we call our elder neighbors out of respect,) with her yard. She’d always wanted a beautiful garden that you might read out of the novel of a fairy tale. Very magical and full of wonder. She had envisioned a beautiful stamped walk way leading to a lovely bird fountain with over grown bushes and flowers abloom with a bench to gander at all of the glory. My good friends over at the¬†helped me create the perfect pathway she’s always envisioned. We created her dream yard for her to create her peace, collect her thoughts and day dream about yesteryear. She was a happy woman and I was a satisfied man. To create smiles from works of art is something no one can take away form you.

i’ve always believed that each of us has the power within us to create whatever we choose to be or want out of this life. Take yourself away from all of the noise a while and take in the deep knowledge that the Earth os speaking into you. If you listen hard enough, you’ll hear the answers to whatever it is you choose to know. go deep into a quite place, I’ve always preferred the woods. Give your thanks of gratitude, then ask your questions and wait in silence for your answers. They always come.

Cheers to living the life each and every one of us imagine. Never sell yourself short…Keep on going…you’ll get there.

Into the woods deep

The great escape is losing yourself to the wild of nature and allowing the breeze to overtake your senses and dive deep into your own self. Nature is my spiritual realm which I crave to dive deep into on a weekly basis. without it, I may certainly lose control of my own sanity. The sounds of nature and or nothingness that it may bring, allows my soul to shine and delve into the beauty of God’s green Earth. My spirit ignites with fire and passion, fury and stress slip away with each step deeper into the forest and by heart beat either rises with joy or slows with the calm of each foot step.

The sites of greenery fill my senses to the highest allowing my focus to be solely on what surrounds me. The busyness of the town has left my thoughts and I am engulfed into euphoria. This peace is what resets my soul and restores my body for the better.

The sounds of the birds chirping echoing through the linear heights of the towering trees and the chipmunks scampering and squeaking to their fellow mates to gather their acorns for the winter. The bushes are moving with life as their residents are running for safety as I charge on through. everything is alive, in its pure form, as Mother Nature intended it to be. This cannot be taken away by man, the pureness of nature and the total restoration it brings and embodies to the surrounding environment.

The smells are as fresh as the Earth can prepare for your senses and nothing seems to compare to the smell of fresh berries, Ever Green Trees, fresh dirt, and the flowing river which brings it all to life.

To dwell in such a place is only for the lucky few who seek deep truth and clarity of what truly is. Without this sole survivor in my life, I would be nothing more than a mere robotic human, going through an emotionless existence, doing what media portrays I should be doing and going into a downward spiral of hard emotions.

I prefer the former.


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